Key areas to focus when viewing a home

The necessity of a home inspection cannot be stressed enough. Even in new homes, an inspection is essential to protect the buyer and make them aware of any issues with the home. After the inspection the buyer has the opportunity to negotiate with the seller and reach an agreement to either repair the property or to lower the sales price to compensate the buyer for the cost of the repairs. Alternatively, the seller can decide to sell the home as-is, in which case he or she is declining to make repairs or lower the sales price, and the buyer must decide whether or not to buy the home at the original agreed-upon sales price.

  • Essentially, the inspection evaluates and discloses the condition of the structure to the buyers. Three major areas to pay particular attention to in your inspection report are the property’s foundation, plumbing and attic.
  • Solid foundation. Significant cracks, shifting or sinking of the foundation are serious and often quite costly to repair. Consider hiring a structural engineer to perform a second inspection if you have serious concerns about the inspector or condition of the foundation.
  • It’s all in the pipes. Leaks, even previous leaks that have been fixed can be problematic. Inspectors will look for signs of mold, mildew or fungus that are the result of water damage.
  • Hit the roof. An attic will alert the inspector to rodent damage, previous fire damage, inadequate insulation, leaks, and water damage or structure faults.

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